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What is a One-Day Cleanse?

Cleanse. It has an antiseptic ring to it, doesn’t it? Like a sanitation or hazmat team procedure. When thinking of the word as it pertains to our bodies, it can really send chills down the spine for some.

To assuage those who can’t help but get the heebie-jeebies when thinking of the word, just remember that your body is already cleansing your internal organs as best it can every day. Your liver, kidneys, skin and intestinal tract by their nature go after impurities to nullify them.

The problem lies in what our bodies do, or don’t do, and what we eat or drink as our bodies do their darnedest to counter some of the impurities we swallow. Most of us, as a rule, tend to overtax our systems in this regard. Our bodies can use a break. This is essentially what a one-day cleanse is: a rest for our busy internal organs. And, it doesn’t involve a fast or dosages of some foul-tasting liquid while on the fast.

There are various ways to cleanse and none are correct or incorrect as long as you are not ingesting foods that counter the cleanse. You can follow a natural regimen—raw veggie or citrus juices, antioxidant teas and the like—or you can make everything a little easier to swallow, so to speak, by consuming proteins and protein concentrates. Isagenix employs the latter method, adding a little flavor to its mix in the interest of debunking urban myths about cleansing.

Essentially, it comes down to how palatable a person wishes to make their particular cleanse. Of course, Isagenix incorporates naturally sourced proteins and vitamins in its foods and concentrates to provide an expedited injection of nutrients to be consumed at meal times during the cleanse day. Carbohydrates and proteins must be restored through such sources as choline—beneficial to heart and liver—and chromium, which actually helps you in resisting the urge to wolf down compulsion-driven snacks and fatty foods.

While employing these restorative elements, Isagenix refuses to minimize the human joy of consumption during such a routine as cleanse day. The Isagenix cleanse-day packages lure the taste buds by utilizing naturally sourced chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cream flavors. A naturally sourced phospholipid—lecithin—is used to give cleanse-day snacks their creamy texture, while helping the body battle its cholesterol count.

Regardless of how you go about your cleanse routine and its replenishment, prep for your cleanse day to actually make the cleanse work. There is no “undo” key on your body’s keyboard if you have chowed down two Coney dogs or a bacon-master cheeseburger with a pile of garlic fries the day before cleansing. For at least a week before cleansing, choose healthy, low-fat fare with minimal if any processes that add sugar or oils.

Choose natural or raw foods, especially fiber-filled vegetables and fruits, over the convenience of fast foods or prepared dinners. Minimize additives; keep any otherwise high-cholesterol meats down to their leanest quotient. In a nutshell, eat at home.

Also, make sure your cleanse is on a day sparse of an agenda. Errands that rush you back and forth through your front door are prone to not only zap the energy you have on cleanse day but also increase your vulnerability to consuming something that is quick but unhealthy en route to and from such errands. This is why Isagenix, makes its cleanse day replenishment snacks so easy and portable. Often, a Saturday to Sunday cleanse is the most errand-free segment of the week. Just choose 24 hours that normally aren’t your most hustle-bustle days.

When your cleanse day is completed, wean yourself off of it and into your daily diet regimen by resisting the urge to pig out, as they say. Gradually reintroduce your body to everyday foods by eating soups, fruits and smoothies. Actually, Isagenix shakes, snacks and meals are just as perfect for end-of-cleanse replenishment as they are for during the cleanse.

A cleanse should never be torturous. It should be inviting enough to repeat on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. Remember, it is a body reboot more than it is a viral purge. You are allowed to enjoy a cleanse. Indeed, Isagenix insists that you enjoy it.

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