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The Benefits of a Cleanse and Incorporated Routines

As a health conscious person, you have undoubtedly seen debates back and forth on the value of body cleansing. They flourish on various health and medical websites, not to mention periodicals and in newspapers.

A lot is credited to cleansing and, indeed, a lot of these accolades for cleanses don’t exactly hold veracity under the microscope of sound science.

It is paramount to remember that no matter the health routine, nothing is gained in the long-term unless it is repeated on a scheduled, disciplined basis. Thus the word, “routine.”

This especially applies to cleanses. They do little good if you do them only when you feel the impulse or once every year or two. Cleanses are a discipline in themselves. This is why the body should be treated to one on a weekly or monthly basis. Part of the beneficial rewards of cleansing is its reinforcement of not only flushing the body of impurities, but of maintaining vigilance about what you are putting inside your body between cleanses. The latter is the most critical part for the obvious reason that nearly 90 percent of your food consumption occurs outside of cleanse days, even if you cleanse once a week.

Because of the importance of routines, Isagenix employs easily prepared and consumed products, with tastiness to boot, to replenish the loss of water, electrolytes and carbohydrates during cleanses and any physical routine you implement toward muscle mass or weight loss. The easier it is to replenish the basic nutrients your body needs to benefit from cleanses and physical regimens, the more likely you are to sustain a routine, one that lasts longer than a week, month or even a year.

During a cleanse, the body is given a chance to do its daily work without the addition of free radicals or toxins that result from most foods on the market—but for a period of 24 hours only. The body will be back at its uphill cleansing once you resume your daily dietary habits and occasional backslides.

In all, the greater balance of your cleansing will be accomplished not within a 24-hour period, but by maintaining a mindful diet and exercise routine, minimizing said toxins.

Given the importance of a long-term commitment to minimizing your system’s impure invasions, there are real benefits to the daily cleanse that crucially complement your long-range weight or lean retention goals:

An energy boost. Once toxins are flushed from the body, your energy level reaches its natural high, as long as you are replenishing the carbs, electrolytes and proteins your body needs during your cleanse. Isagenix uses naturally sourced proteins in its snacks and meals to make sure you are replenishing sufficiently during cleanses. Try to break from the cleanse three times during the day to replenish these vital nutrients. And, beyond replenishing with such nutrients, be sure to hydrate often while cleansing, a major component of increasing your energy level.

Expunges excess waste. Of course, the main thrust of a cleanse is to detoxify or rid the excess waste your body has stored. The liver, kidneys and colon are crucial players in this detoxification. A backed up colon can lead to reintroduction of impurities into your body, rather than their exit. This is why soluble and natural fibers, such as those included in Isagenix packs for weight-loss and performance, are important to include in your daily diet, regardless of cleanse days. Remember that most of today’s diseases come as a result of digestive tract waste that is not expunged from the body by the colon, liver or kidney.

Helps lose weight. Again, because a cleanse is a scheduled routine, it reinforces your other routines, such as healthy eating and exercise. One routine perpetuates the other. Without the routine of a cleanse, healthy diet or exercise regimen, your weight loss will prove ephemeral, as some cleanse critics point out. Replace bad foods with good foods when not cleansing. Just as you focus on scheduling your cleanse days once a week, twice a month or just monthly, focus on incorporating healthy foods and snacks into your eating routine on the non-cleanse days.

Strengthens your immune system. Once you have allowed your body to do its job on a level playing field—free of a lot of the body’s impurities as a result of cleansing and proper diet—it is able to absorb nutrients better and function as it should. Instead of an uphill battle, it can coast downhill as long as you are ingesting a minimum of impure foods and maintaining your cleanse schedule.

Healthier skin. Skin can be looked at as our body’s canary in the coalmine. It tells us a lot about what is happening inside the body, whether it is stress or something potentially terminal, such as cancer. It can tell us whether some internal organs are not up to snuff functionally. Of course, it also reflects our general appearance. Skin is the body’s most ubiquitous organ, easily visible and easily monitored. Vitamin C is a major component of healthy skin and is just as important during or after a cleanse as part of your replenishment process.

Improved sleep. Cleanses allow the body a break from the toxins ingested on a daily basis, sometimes by foods treated with pesticides, filled with processed sugars, synthetic chemicals and other elements impossible for the body to break down and expunge on a normal basis. Our body loses its balance when such impurities are not expelled. This in turn affects how we sleep. Insomnia and other impediments are often traced to what is left inside our body that does not belong there. By removing and minimizing these toxins with cleanses and a healthy regimen of diet and exercise, our body is given the break it needs to provide us with a sound, healthy sleep, which also aids in stress reduction.

These are just a handful of the benefits achieved via regularly scheduled cleanses. But, none are fully realized unless you are committed to your peripheral routines in diet, exercise and lifestyle. Set your goals and stay focused on them, as well as your cleanses. The rest should fall into place without having to resort to a crash diet, crash fitness routine or crash cleanse, neither of which will produce a lasting effect.

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