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16-5518-SG-Ramadhan-Pak-Flyer_V2-675x1024                                     Ramadan Mubarak everyone Ramadan, a holy month for all Muslims, falls on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is a time to serve muslims all work to please ALLAH. This includes fasting or the refrain from eating and drinking . As you know we are concerned about your health.We specially come with some product in our list for your Ramadan meal as like shari,iftar and dinner. We want your better life and better health always.In Ramadan we stay maximum time of the day without food.So in iftar you have to eat healthy for your life.IN the other hand in your dieting plan going to be changed.Here we provide some tips for your best Ramadan and better life. Fasting in Ramadan carries a high risk of dehydration as food and drink are limited to sunrise and after sunset. Furthermore, as fasting individuals are encouraged to wake up very early to have their Suhoor (sahri), deprivation of sleep and dehydration can cause to headaches.
Here are some tips that help you healthy fasting
1. Do not avoid Suhoor:
As the saying goes, ‘breakfast is the very important meal for every day. And during Ramadan, it becomes more important.Although avoiding Suhoor to have uninterrupted sleep may sound appealing, you shouldn’t Skipping Suhoor prolongs the fasting period as your body will need to depend on the previous meal to provide you all the nutrients and energy until Iftar (dinner). Due to the long hours of fasting, you can feel tired and dehydrated during the day. Furthermore,avoiding Suhoor also becomes overeating during Iftar, which can cause unhealthy weight gain.”
2. Don’t overeat during Iftar (dinner)
Just as it is not advisable to skip Suhoor, overeating when it is time to break the fast can harm your body.Iftar should be a well-balanced, nutritious meal .Overeating and excessive consumption of high-fat foods in particular may result in indigestion and weight gain. “Slow down and enjoy each mouthful of your food..
3. DO not eat fried foods, salty foods and high-sugar foods
It is not uncommon for fasting individuals to reward themselves with rich, fried foods and sugary dishes. While these foods make you feel good in the short run, they can make more difficult in the next day. Other hand it causes the unhealthy weight gain, consuming fatty and sugary foods also cause others many problems. Instead of these unhealthy food , try incorporating foods from all the major food groups including fruit and vegetables, rice.Consuming fibre-rich foods during Ramadan is also ideal .
Now we come our main issue that is dieting in Ramadan. Dieting in Ramadan is very hard because after whole day remain hungry, we want to eat more and more. So the diet plan goes to the dog. Now in this Ramadan, we are coming with your proper dieting plan and products. That help you proper digestion program in your body. You also remain fit in This Ramadan also.In this pack we bring complete weight lose package through in Ramadan.It is also complete energy and performance pack.You can consume it through Ramadan and remain healthy.

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