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IsaLean® PRO

IsaLean® PRO

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IsaLean® PRO Shakes provide a potent component to building athleticism and maintaining your overall active lifestyle

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Product Description

IsaLean® PRO Shakes provide a potent component to building athleticism and maintaining your overall active lifestyle. Contributing a mega-dose of 36 grams in unadulterated protein to your muscle-building routine, PRO Shakes are tailored to both goal-oriented athletes and those whose goal is simply to firm up, tone up and manage their weight.


Myo-Isalean Complex is the driving force behind PRO Shake’s fat-busting, muscle-building properties. Derived exclusively from New Zealand grass-fed cows, free of hormones and antibiotics, this complex is spared all of the processing found in other protein drinks, thus rendering the purest formula of protein you can find.

Defaulting to the nutritional value of a woman’s breast milk, Isa PRO employs a high whey-to-milk protein ratio that aids in meeting your appetite without leaving you hungry soon after. Its lactase volume contributes to its filling qualities. This ratio also nurtures muscle growth and healthy blood sugar levels, due primarily to its milk protein concentrate vs. calcium caseinate source.

The result is an intensified concentration of branch-chained amino acids that help develop muscle mass and lean body mass overall.


• High-quality protein
• Healthy fats and energizing carbohydrates
• A wide array of naturally sourced vitamins and minerals
• Increased lactase for easy digestion, especially for the lactose intolerant

Our highest protein-per-serving meal, IsaLean PRO Shakes excel at raising protein levels with nutritional and natural foods in the interest of body-building, athletic performance, preventing muscle attrition and weight-loss goals–whether you are an adolescent or living your golden years.

It is the great-tasting, easy-to-digest, protein-filled innovation designed to bolster an invigorated, active and healthy lifestyle.





>Natural Chocolate
>French Vanilla