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AMPED™ Hydrate Concentrate

Hydrate Kit

AMPED™ Hydrate Concentrate

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Hydrate and re-energize your body naturally

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Product Description

Replenish, hydrate and re-energize naturally

In a busy world it is easy to neglect replenishment of proteins and nutrients. AMPED Hydrate packs seven crucial vitamins, plus electrolytes, to replace lost nutrients, re-energize and strengthen your body–all inside a convenient, to-go size bottle of concentrate that is easy to consume at any minute during the day.

The beauty about AMPED Hydrate is that it replenishes and re-energizes without artificial coloring, flavoring or sweeteners.

Just a 2 percent water loss in the body can put a noticeable dent in performance. Proper hydration is critical to intense and long physical exertion. With its restorative complex of six B vitamins, plus vitamin C and a minimal quotient of carbohydrates, AMPED Hydrate helps hydrate, restore electrolytes and satisfy your thirst.

Our new 14-serving bottles of the concentrate come in flavors of juicy orange or lemon-lime. Its natural delivery of replenishment is a natural for athletes and physically active people. It is designed for taking water loss seriously and responsibly during your busy day.