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Product B™ Antioxidants plus Telomere Support


We all know we get shorter as we reach midlife and beyond, but did you know that our telomeres do too?

Actually, the shorter the telomeres become, the greater our cell division decelerates and the faster we age.

Telomeres are located at each end of the DNA strand in our cells. In short, pardon the pun, they keep our chromosomes intact, much the same as the cap at each end of a shoelace keeps the lace from unraveling. An intact chromosome is requisite to cell division—or new cell growth. (You may remember this as “mitosis” from eighth-grade science.) When the telomere begins shrinking more rapidly than normal, our signs of aging start showing more rapidly than normal.

Scientists and research teams at Isagenix target the health of telomeres specifically in one of its most important components to the vast array of diet and fitness packages—Product B Antioxidants.

Antioxidants are crucial in keeping our chromosomes intact and preventing premature shortening of our telomeres. A key soldier in this army of antioxidants is an enzyme called telomerase, which keeps our telomeres shrinking at a normal rate. In fact, science is finding that telomerase may even lengthen our telomeres, thus causing our genes to actually behave as if they are younger. Although, the general rule of thumb is that telomeres shrink ever so slightly every time mitosis takes place. For what you gain, you also lose.

This is why the right kind of foes to shrinking telomeres are crucial to encouraging the telomeres to take it easy when it comes to shrinking.

It is all about enzymes attacking the forces of oxidation, whether those menaces come from smoking, stress, insoluble toxins in our foods (e.g., many processed foods and fats) or alcohol consumption.

The better antioxidants can fight accelerated shortening of our telomeres, the better our body feels, performs and looks.

Isagenix trains its troop of enzymes for battle by enlisting an antioxidant squad that supports enzyme incursions. These include milk thistle seed, ashwagandha root extract, green tea leaf extract, horny goat weed extract, acerola, pomegranate fruit exract, root extract, grape seed extract, turmeric root extract, silicon dioxide and Asian ginseng root extract, to name about half of its antioxidant properties.

As we all know, nothing poses the proverbial “fountain of youth,” but the science of our bodies does tell us that youth does not necessarily have to be a “fleeting thing.”

Combined with cleanse days, weight-management regimens and exercise routines, Product B Antioxidant can complete the circle surrounding the enemy that seeks to reduce our telomeres and deplete our bodies.

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