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IsaLean® PRO

IsaLean Pro (SG/ZH)
IsaLean Pro (SG/ZH)

IsaLean® professional shakes square measure the fat-busting, muscle-building breakthrough the world’s been waiting. IsaLean professional offers most results, delivering a mega dose of thirty-six grams of the highest quality under natured macromolecule providing specialized nutrition for athletes and active lifestyles.
Myo–IsaLean advanced is Associate in Nursing under natured macromolecule mix sourced completely from grass-fed dairy farm cows not treated with hormones or antibiotics and raised on the pristine pastures of latest Seeland. Minimally processed and therefore the purest you’ll notice, our proprietary, cheerful cow certified macromolecule mix features:
A higher whey-to-milk-protein magnitude relation appreciates the organic process worth of human breast milk and clinically shown to assist you keep fuller longer, support muscle growth and maintenance and healthy blood glucose levels
A milk macromolecule concentrates vs. atomic number 20 caseinate as a supply of macromolecule, that will increase the concentration of branched-chain amino acids to fuel muscle growth and make lean body mass
Increased amounts of Lactaid create it straightforward to digest
IsaLean professional shakes square measure developed to supply a balance of high-quality macromolecule, healthy fats and energy-boosting carbohydrates at the side of a broad performance spectrum of vitamins and minerals, and increased Lactaid to help in digestion for those that suffer from congenital disease. IsaLean professional shakes square measure ideal for increasing your macromolecule with the foremost nutritionally complete food. So, whether or not you’re wanting to achieve muscle, melt off or keep lean, IsaLean professional is that the great-tasting, muscle-building, fat-busting breakthrough you’ve been waiting.
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French Vanilla
Lean muscle will assist you bring home the bacon your health goals. Adults United Nations agency wish to create or maintain lean muscle want a lot of quality protein throughout the day. Studies show that increased whey macromolecule intake will help you keep full longer, boost muscle growth, and increase fat burning.
Whey macromolecule is superior to soy macromolecule for fat burning. IsaLean professional Shake features Myo-IsaLean professional Complex™, which contains quality undenatured whey macromolecule and a high concentration of branched-chain amino acids.
Perfect For:
• Athletes, Active individuals, and teens, ages 12+.
• Adults wanting to stop age-related muscle loss.
• people who need to bust through weight-loss plateaus.
ISALEAN® professional SHAKE may be a complete meal replacement with a hearty dose of thirty six grams of protein.
A high concentration of branched-chain amino acids naturally boosts and maintain muscle growth whereas serving to speed post-workout recovery.
A complete meal replacement that satisfies cravings and delivers high-protein nutrition to assist you lose stubborn fat.
A hearty serving of thirty six grams of undenatured whey and milk protein promotes lean muscle growth.
Add additional quality protein and nutrition to your diet to block age-related muscle loss.
IsaLean professional Shake is our highest protein-per-serving meal replacement that gives delicious specialized nutrition that is good for optimum lean muscle building and boosting metabolism. every serving contains 36 grams of super molecule, energy refueling carbohydrates, good fats, and vitamins and minerals creating .it a delicious, protein-rich meal replacement with complete nutrition.

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