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Angela Alken

I’m pretty exciting to share this.. I and some of my clients have been using Isagenix now for a few months and we have all been blown away with the results.

I can surely say most if not all of my clients, members & Trainees have lost weight overall, however I’ve actually gained 3kg in my pix here (fr 43kg to 46kg ) But as you can see my physical size has dropped, which means it’s all lean muscle and toning.

I’ve also found myself waking up more alert… And I am doing classes finishing without the usual lethargic aftermath.

Being a fitness instructor I often get asked & even sponsored to try different programs, and I am excited to say this is by far the best nutritional system I have ever experienced..

I am looking forward to sharing it with both my private one on one clients and my Zumba, Bounce and Dance group clients..


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