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How Much Is Isagenix?

Anybody who cares about their wellbeing is also the type of person who vigilantly cares about their budget. Isagenix products will vary in cost, depending on which country you purchase them from and which Isagenix pak or individual product you buy.

The price also depends on whether you are buying Isagenix products as an associate, preferred customer or at the full retail price.

The following price list represents Isagenix Singapore. For all prices lists in other regions, download the list specific to the region below. However, note that in those places that you can order either IsaLean Shakes or IsaLean Pro Shakes, a nominal fee is added to your order when selecting IsaLean Pro Shakes (transacted at checkout).

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Your Purchasing Options:

1.MOST RECOMMENDED—Simply sign up to the Autoship program to gain access to the most economic wholesale prices year-round. You immediately become eligible to make money from your Isagenix sales and have your Isagenix program delivered directly to your door each month. We don’t lock you into contracts; Autoship can be cancelled any time, even right after your first order.
2.PREFERRED CUSTOMER—Retain better-than-retail pricing. However, you will be paying more than the prices through Autoship and will be opting out of your Isagenix associate’s income opportunity.
3.FULL RETAIL—You choose not to sign up for the lower pricing? We are happy to send you your Isagenix products at full retail price as well. Whatever best works for you.


Whichever way you go regarding our price lists, know that your first order is covered by our money back guarantee, within 30 days of purchase, for the purchased product. Essentially, if you are not happy with your Isagenix products, send them back to us for a refund.

If you are not sure what your price is for a particular Isagenix product or pak, please contact us at any time. You are not alone when it comes to the question of Dzhow much does it cost?dz We are happy to expedite an answer to your question within 24 hours.

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