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Health tips for proper dieting

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Too often we equate dieting to slimming down. It’s true that more nutritious, fibrous foods result in slimming if your diet was previously predominated by fatty foods and calories that weren’t burnt off by an active lifestyle. But proper dieting is not necessarily about becoming slim. It is more about striking a balance between metabolism, your level of physical activity and the types of food needed to maintain both your level of metabolism and level of physical activity.

This is why all Isagenix product is designed to accompany an active lifestyle and filled with the critical nutrients to maintain or even improve metabolism. In short, it’s all about a diet that makes you feel good, rather than making you feel slim. But any meal replacements, including Isagenix products, must be accompanied by wise choices when consuming basic meals.

First, think natural. This is what Isagenix does when creating its product line—by offering un-denatured ingredients that are naturally sourced.

Thinking natural, as in unprocessed and unadulterated, will lead you to a shopping cart dominated by foods that have either come directly from a tree or vine, the ground, the water or field–rather than three, four or more processes after their original harvest or slaughter. The fewer steps or processes between the culling of the product and the store shelf, the better as a rule of thumb.

By thinking natural, your shopping cart will also be filled with fiber-centric foods, such as fruits and raw vegetables. It will also be comprised of meats that aren’t flush with growth hormones, antibiotics or other chemicals to facilitate rapid growth in the animal or mass production.

As for probiotics—in essence dairy product, especially in the case of whey and casein—some processes are difficult to dodge. But there are lesser-processed dairy products on the shelf: Greek yogurt, hormone- and antibiotic-free milk or cheese are just a few.

Studies continue to reveal that eating primarily pre-packaged meals, foods containing processed sugars and corn syrup, and snacks with heavy oil or sugar content may be contributing to an increased rate of depression, stress, mental disorder and anxiety in the United States, not to mention diabetes and possibly Alzheimer’s disease.

Cereals and breads contain vitamins essential to our health, most notably the B vitamin complex. However, this food category is one of the greatest contributors to obesity and poor nutrition if not purchased or baked wisely. Processed baked goods, whether breads or pastries, often contain bleached flour and chemically derived sugars and preservatives that the body has a heck of a time expelling, converting or processing.

Sprouted-grain breads contain all the vital nutrients without the detrimental processes that give it shelf life or a particular texture. Try to find breads that are fresh yet free of a lot of these enhancements. Likewise, head to the bulk food sections of stores for your cereals if possible. If you must buy from the shelf, look for cereals with the shortest ingredients list and those without the use of chemically derived sweeteners or corn syrup. It will be a painstaking search through the average grocer’s cereal shelves, but it can be done.

When buying these types of products you might notice something other than improving your lean-to-fat ratio: You are cooking more often!

Indeed, an excellent gauge for grading yourself on your healthy food habit is cooking—the more you are preparing and cooking your own foods at home, the fewer unhealthy foods you are consuming. You are not gorging on fast foods or meals that come from a box, carton or can.

As for accouterments to your main meals, many can be made at home from scratch, such as salad dressings, barbecue sauce, mayonnaise, curry sauce, tomato sauce and several other food enhancers.

While watching your diet, don’t forget to maintain your physical routines, whether it is a gym workout, yoga, bike riding, swimming or running. The right diet supports and enhances your performance in this regard.

When your energy level, your weight and your overall happiness strike a harmonious chord, you will know your diet is keeping the right rhythm.

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