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Debunking Misconceptions and Cutting Through the Skepticism

Admittedly, we live in a world of circumspect: Fake news stories for money; products that falsely claim they are green or natural; untold ingredients in fast foods; web and email scams. The list goes on. So, some skepticism is actually a healthy attitude.

But, as with everything else, applying the broad brush of cynicism to every commodity will rob you of some genuine enrichment in life, especially when it comes to your health.

Isagenix is well aware of widespread suspicion in the marketplace. We therefore want to remain candid, transparent and most of all, truthful, about the authenticity of our products and diet programs.

We stand by our legitimacy as a verified resource for achieving your health-driven goals. After all, producing more than $1.6 billion in sales over 10 years, Isagenix has legitimately established itself in the health, diet and supplement industry.

We are by no means a pyramid scheme. We are a network of marketing opportunity that is made available to any health-conscious person who wishes to share the health and wealth of Isagenix as an associate. Our door is open to anyone.


Our products’ ingredient lists are scientifically verified by doctors and nutritionists, as are their health benefits. This is why our associates and our marketing network in general share their Isagenix discoveries with friends, neighbors and family—who often end up joining our team. Most of them live what they sell; they believe in the product because of the results it produced for their weight loss, lean mass gains or cleanses.

Browse our website to find the supporting testimonials from our many associates, several of whom had no sales experience at all before joining the Isagenix network. Also, check out our client testimonials from people who are just trying to lose some pounds to those who are full-fledged athletes trying to raise the bar when it comes to their performance and endurance.

To learn more about the unvarnished, unadulterated and unfabricated story behind the Isagenix marketing network, download this flyer.

We stand behind our word and our product

As mentioned, skepticism is a commodity itself in today’s world. In fact, some of the most longstanding, popular products attract negative reviews and clusters of detractors. At Isagenix, however, we have proven through our clientele that when used as directed and in concert with a healthy, active lifestyle, Isagenix works. Even so, whenever any of our clients feels that their first Isagenix order has let them down within the 30 days after purchase, we offer a money-back guarantee.

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Keeping it straight as a client or associate

When looking for Isagenix products, blogs and diet programs online, be sure to use the accurate spelling, for as we noted, there are a lot of imposters and less than honest marketers in the industry.


Enter Isagenix (not Isogenix or Isogenics) in the search-engine field.

Also do your homework on our products. You will find we are not a fly-by-night, not a scam or scheme, but an enthusiastically genuine community of active, health-minded individuals who are willing to share the source of their success with others.

Real People, Real Results!

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