Which Pack is for Me?

With so many naturally nutritious and healthy products, Isagenix clients can be dizzied by the options and packages. Not to worry; it is the job of Isagenix to point you in the right direction for attaining your long-term goal.

Are you looking to build lean muscle? There is an Isagenix Pak. Are you looking to lose and manage weight? We have a Pak for that. Are you bent on nutritional cleansing of the body? We have placed the pieces to that puzzle for you as well.

Many products in our Paks are multi-beneficial. That is, they accomplish two objectives simultaneously. Products in our cleanse bundle are also critical to our weight-loss package, as well as slowing the aging process, should that be your goal.

Some items in our Everyday Energy & Performance Pak are integral to our weight-loss routine, such as Isagenix Snacks.

We have many mixes and matches, but each are designed by our scientists and fitness experts to create just the right blend to meet your personal goals.

Everyday Energy & Performance Pak

Are you training to become better at your favorite activity? Tennis? Running? Body building? Golf? Soccer? Climbing? A multitude of physical activities? The Energy & Performance Pak is designed to activate, restore and maintain nutrients essential to performance at work and play.

Easily integrated into your busy lifestyle, the Everyday Energy & Performance Pak not only supplies your body with the energy you require to strive toward your goals, but actually aids in elevating your level of performance as you progress.

This Pak puts to work a variety of replenishing nutrients and vitamins to use before, between and after workout routines. IsaShake, IsaLean Pro, AMPED Hydrate Concentrate, Cleanse for Life Concentrate, Ionix Supreme Concentrate and e+ Concentrate—burst with flavor and travel conveniently with you during your busy day, just like all Isagenix products.

Be assured that quickly processed nutrients, such as un-denatured whey, stand ready to restore your energy just before or immediately after a workout. Be certain, also, that slower but steadier long-term proteins, such as casein, are doing their work during the days you are not training or working out.

Isagenix tailors its Everyday Performance & Energy Pak to help you reach peak performance levels physically and mentally to maintain your active lifestyle, whether at work or play.

Stepping it up a notch in volume of product is the Isagenix Complete Energy & Performance Pak.

Everyday Weight Loss Pak

A blend of cleanse days and healthy eating routines fill the nutrient roster in the Isagenix Everyday Weight Loss Pak. The two are intertwined in accomplishing your weight management goals.

Eat our array of flavorful meal substitutes and snacks while scheduling a cleanse day each week or twice a week to reap the full benefit of your weight-loss program.

Naturally sourced and easily digested meals and snacks—consisting of vitamins, botanicals and other necessary nutrients—displace the foods that would normally introduce harmful impurities into your body.

Cleanse, hydrate and replenish are the keys to maintaining a successful weight-loss regimen. Implementing a lineup of meals and snacks that are tasty, as this Pak does, makes weight loss a pleasurable endeavor. Our flavorful, convenient and portable nutrition sources for this Pak include the IsaShake™, AMPED™, Cleanse for Life Concentrate™, Ionix® Supreme Concentrate, e+ Concentrate and Isagenix® Snacks.

Set your everyday weight loss goals, then schedule your cleanse days and exercise routines to let Everyday Weight Loss Pak do the rest of the work. If you wish to extend your efforts and goals in the longer term, you may want to opt for the more voluminous Complete Weight Loss Pak.

Healthy Aging Pak

Aging is a process of adaptation while maintaining your metabolism, meeting your wellness goals and ensuring your long-term health. This is what our Singapore Health Aging Pak is all about.

As an everyday routine, the Healthy Aging Pak employs convenient nutrition through a combination of products that support your cleanse days and your adjusted physical routines. Nutrition is the critical factor, as always, when expending energy during a busy lifestyle and when managing weight.

Graceful aging relies on a routine of everyday nutrition and activity. Integrating a healthy diet through such sources as the Healthy Aging Pak helps achieve your dietary goals toward mitigating the common aging signals: unhealthy skin, muscle attrition, arthritis, lackluster hair and sagging posture, to name just a few.

The same nutrients and vitamins come into play for aging as for energy and high performance, as well as weight loss. As we age, it is evermore tempting to assuage our palate’s tendency to snack or consume what tastes good rather than what is good for the body and mind. This is why the portability, ease of preparation and tastiness of our natural products are especially crucial in regard to slowing the aging process.

IsaShakes come in three different creamy varieties from naturally sourced ingredients. Our AMPED Hydrate Concentrate is integral to keeping the body sufficiently hydrated and loaded with electrolytes, critical during those outings to the tennis court, pool and your daily jog or walk.

To maintain metabolism, healthy organs, skin and hair, Isagenix Product B Antioxidants, plus Telomere Support, perfectly complement your physical routine as you grow older.

IsaOmega Supreme attends to your heart and cardiovascular system by delivering one of the most potent quantities of omega-3 oils to be found in accordance to the recommendations the American Heart Association. Sourced from one of only two plants pharmaceutically certified, IsaOmega Supreme is third-party tested for quality and a robust, fresh, lemony taste.

So critical to all Isagenix health plans are the Isagenix Snacks, keeping you on your toes when it comes to cravings at unexpected times of the day or just before a meal. Our snacks contain important nutrients but maintain a palate-pleasing quality so important to the temptation to indulge as we age. Chromium is one of the important components to stemming an unhealthy plunge into unhealthy snacks.

Through naturally sourced lecithin, a creamy, appealing texture caps the smooth, natural chocolate flavor of Isagenix Snacks.

Healthy fats, energy-boosting carbohydrates and great flavor: A fine way to welcome aging.

As we age, shots of energy help get us through before, between or after exercise, as well as between errands during a busy day. Naturally sourced and plant-based caffeine, as well as adaptogens, team up in the Isagenix e+Concentrate to carry you through your daily routines, especially those involving focus and physical performance.

So vital to all of our Isagenix Paks, the Cleanse for Life Concentrate uses cleansing herbs and botanicals to strengthen and replenish your body after it releases toxins and other impurities during cleanse days. Niacin, Vitamin B6, Aloe Vera Inner-Leaf Gel, specialized licorice root and turmeric, peppermint, adaptogens and a berry blend make this concentrate easy to swallow during cleanse days and perfect for every day outside of cleansing.

Remember that no matter the package, a routine of healthy eating habits and regularly scheduled exercise will speed you toward reaching the goals you set for yourself.






How Do Isagenix Products Work?

Isagenix products are intended to support active people intent on maintaining and improving their health over the long haul.

Whether it is weight loss, increased energy and performance, development of lean mass, nutritional cleansing or simply to slow the aging process, Isagenix designs a package or product for the particular objective or goal.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is integral to a healthy lifestyle overall. It enables you to participate in activities that limit weight gain while expelling many toxins that affect other parts of your body and well-being than just the image in your mirror. Moreover, it simply feels better, even during inactive hours. For example, weight loss lessens your cardiovascular burden, which is connected to stress levels and better sleep.

Weight loss also fosters a positive view of self, thus increasing self-confidence, self-esteem and your mental outlook in general.

It is also relevant to building the lean-to-fat ratio in your body when coupled with a regular exercise or resistance strengthening routine.

Isagenix employs a team of products to further your pursuit of weight loss. A typical combo involves shake days and cleanse days. This usually involves the consumption of shakes 5 or 6 days a week, complemented by a cleanse day at least once a week, possibly two.

Isagenix puts stock in the effectiveness of its products because studies corroborate their results. In fact, results from continuing research by Paul Arciero, Ph.D., of Skidmore College, found notable results among a test group who used Isagenix for weight loss.

His 10-week study involved 40 overweight or obese men and women who followed the Isagenix system over 11 weeks. Average weight loss totaled 10.9 kg; average decrease in body fat totaled 17 percent; average decrease in visceral fat of 33 percent; average gain in lean muscle mass of 9 percent; and an average increase in toxins released of 44 percent.

When applying Isagenix to your weight-loss objectives, note that results may vary. In another study, participants average a loss of 3.2 kilos or 7 pounds after completing a nine-day Isagenix program. Also, be sure to consult your doctor before engaging a weight-loss regimen, especially if pregnant, nursing, or afflicted by ailments such as diabetes or cardiovascular-related diseases.

Building Lean Muscle

Increasing energy levels and lean mass is as equally dependent on resistance-based exercise as it is your dietary habit.

Before, during and after intense workouts, it is important to replenish nutrients and vitamins expended in order to allow muscle recovery and development, let alone maintain the energy level needed to effectively sustain the physical routine and reap its ultimate benefit.

To restore the necessary nutrients, Isagenix suggests consumption of two Isalean Pro Shakes, one before and one afterward, when working out. In and around your weekly workout routine, rely on Isagenix Snacks, IsaLean Bars, IsaFlush, Eshots, Natural Accelerator and Want More Energy products. These, along with Cleanse for Life, are also to be incorporated with cleanse days during the tenure of your physical routine.

A one-two-three punch

Increasing your energy capacity, nutritional cleansing and slowing the effects of aging are targeted collectively in many Isagenix products. Cleansing on a regular basis indeed bodes benefits to energy level and aging processes, especially regarding skin and hair.

Specifically, products comprising the Isagenix 30-Day Nutritional Cleanse and its President’s Pak prove crucial components to detoxifying the body while boosting energy and slowing the aging process.

IsaLean Shakes serve as smooth, creamy and tasty meal replacements to be consumed four times a day during the cleanse period.

Ionix Supreme responds to stress-related fatigue with a wholesome blend of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to supplant your body’s ability to overcome such stress when consumed once daily.

Cleanse for Life supplies the body with antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins and minerals to combat and release toxins acquired from the normal foods we eat day in and day out. During the 30-day cleansing routine, drink Cleanse for Life twice daily.

Taken daily during the 30-day cleanse, Natural Accelerator boosts the metabolism and also aids your weight-loss campaign. It engages a host of heat-producing ingredients, such as cayenne, ginseng and cinnamon, along with the antioxidant qualities of green tea, to pick up your metabolic rate.

Isagenix Snacks are to be eaten daily, whenever hunger strikes, but especially during those cravings while cleansing. Packing a balance of proteins from such sources as whey and casein (from milk) and carbohydrates to recover energy levels, these snacks are tasty and as portable as a tablet or iPad.

To keep the heart and cardiovascular system healthy, IsaFlush employs a blend of magnesium and herbs to stabilize cells while maximizing nerve transmissions. These vital body functions are the end goal of a 30-day cleanse and crucial to slowing the effects of aging.

Look at Isagenix products as complements to one another, no matter the goal, but articulately arranged in our packs to meet the specific goal in mind. They are naturally sourced nutrients aimed to please the palate and to be enjoyed no matter where you are.

That’s how Isagenix works!