Which Isagenix Products are Suitable Whilst Breastfeeding or During Pregnancy?

Many women who enjoy Isagenix products wonder: Can I stay on an Isagenix health regimen while I am pregnant or breastfeeding?


The basic answer is: Yes, please do, for yours and your baby’s health. But there are some caveats.

We actually recommend you continue your Isagenix dietary regime when carrying or breastfeeding a baby. This is because our products include critical prenatal multivitamins, but they should never be regarded as full meal replacements during breastfeeding or pregnancy.


We also discourage the use of Isagenix cleansing products during these times. Your body simply cannot achieve the caloric intake necessary for a healthy pregnancy or baby if you are engaging in a 9- or 30-day Isagenix Cleanse.

To make it easy on your pregnancy and motherhood diet itinerary, we have listed the safe and unsafe Isagenix products during your newborn adventure.


For more information about breastfeeding on Isagenix, see this article.

Safe Maternal Products:

  • IsaLean Shakes
  • IsaPro Shakes
  • IsaLean Bars
  • Isagenix Snacks
  • FibreSnacks
  • SlimCakes
  • Replenish

Unsafe Maternal Products:

  • Ionix Supreme
  • Cleanse for Life
  • Natural Accelerator
  • IsaFlush IsaGenesis
  • Product B
  • Greens

Getting Back to Your Future

After experiencing the moment of a lifetime and weaning your little one off of breast milk, you are probably excited about resuming your full Isagenix regimen, including cleansing days. You are on the right track: Isagenix cleanses, healthy foods and
Isagenix snacks are excellent means to return to the body and weight you maintained during pre-pregnancy.


Caution: As a new mother, consult your physician before using Isagenix products or making other dietary changes if:

You suffer a medical condition
Are beginning a weight-control program

Always discontinue using Isagenix products should any adverse symptoms or events occur.

The Rewards of Nutritional Cleansing with Isagenix

There is a vast army of impurities surrounding our health: stress inducers like cortisol and adrenaline, dirty air, dirty water, processed foods, and inactive leisure among many others on the front line.

Your first line of defense is nutritional cleansing—nourishing your body with protein- and vitamin-packed natural foods, such as those found in Isagenix products. They respond to infiltrations by identifying them at the gate of your digestive system. They then exterminate these invaders, from simple carbohydrates of little value to your body, to free radicals, to chemicals.

The Rewards of Nutritional Cleansing with Isagenix

The results of nutritional cleansing? A robust, active, energized lifestyle and frame of mind. Not to mention:

  • An ally in weight loss
  • A friend to better vision
  • A skin, complexion and hair enhancer
  • An immunity fortifier
  • A supply route to mental health
  • Support for cartilage and joints

Devise Your Own Cleansing Battle Plan

Isagenix recruits only the good, natural supplements—rich in proteins, vitamins and antioxidants—to engage the good fight against your body’s impurities.

The Reward of Nutrional Cleansing with Isagenix1

Among these soldiers for good health and an active lifestyle are Isagenix herbal nutritional drinks, designed to nourish the body and provide support to your natural detoxification systems.

Conduct your cleansing daily with Isagenix, complemented by deep cleansing periodically.

To mobilize your plan of attack against impurities and toxins, your body must always be hydrated. Your Isagenix cleansing plan needs a continuous influx ofwater. What is a more essential and natural nutrient than water?

What Isagenix Recommends

Supplements rich in antioxidants, proteins, vitamins
Engaging in the 30-day Isagenix Nutritional Cleanse
Enlistment of the Isagenix President’s Pak

Whichever Isagenix method you choose, it integrates a force of impuritycombatants that include Isagenix shakes, supplements and naturally healthy snacks.

Isagenix offers a battle plan that supports your body’s needs as they pertain to your active, health-conscious lifestyle.

How Much Is Isagenix?

Anybody who cares about their wellbeing is also the type of person who vigilantly cares about their budget. Isagenix products will vary in cost, depending on which country you purchase them from and which Isagenix pak or individual product you buy.

The price also depends on whether you are buying Isagenix products as an associate, preferred customer or at the full retail price.

The following price list represents Isagenix Singapore. For all prices lists in other regions, download the list specific to the region below. However, note that in those places that you can order either IsaLean Shakes or IsaLean Pro Shakes, a nominal fee is added to your order when selecting IsaLean Pro Shakes (transacted at checkout).

much how

Your Purchasing Options:

1.MOST RECOMMENDED—Simply sign up to the Autoship program to gain access to the most economic wholesale prices year-round. You immediately become eligible to make money from your Isagenix sales and have your Isagenix program delivered directly to your door each month. We don’t lock you into contracts; Autoship can be cancelled any time, even right after your first order.
2.PREFERRED CUSTOMER—Retain better-than-retail pricing. However, you will be paying more than the prices through Autoship and will be opting out of your Isagenix associate’s income opportunity.
3.FULL RETAIL—You choose not to sign up for the lower pricing? We are happy to send you your Isagenix products at full retail price as well. Whatever best works for you.


Whichever way you go regarding our price lists, know that your first order is covered by our money back guarantee, within 30 days of purchase, for the purchased product. Essentially, if you are not happy with your Isagenix products, send them back to us for a refund.

If you are not sure what your price is for a particular Isagenix product or pak, please contact us at any time. You are not alone when it comes to the question of Dzhow much does it cost?dz We are happy to expedite an answer to your question within 24 hours.

Debunking Misconceptions and Cutting Through the Skepticism

Admittedly, we live in a world of circumspect: Fake news stories for money; products that falsely claim they are green or natural; untold ingredients in fast foods; web and email scams. The list goes on. So, some skepticism is actually a healthy attitude.

But, as with everything else, applying the broad brush of cynicism to every commodity will rob you of some genuine enrichment in life, especially when it comes to your health.

Isagenix is well aware of widespread suspicion in the marketplace. We therefore want to remain candid, transparent and most of all, truthful, about the authenticity of our products and diet programs.

We stand by our legitimacy as a verified resource for achieving your health-driven goals. After all, producing more than $1.6 billion in sales over 10 years, Isagenix has legitimately established itself in the health, diet and supplement industry.

We are by no means a pyramid scheme. We are a network of marketing opportunity that is made available to any health-conscious person who wishes to share the health and wealth of Isagenix as an associate. Our door is open to anyone.


Our products’ ingredient lists are scientifically verified by doctors and nutritionists, as are their health benefits. This is why our associates and our marketing network in general share their Isagenix discoveries with friends, neighbors and family—who often end up joining our team. Most of them live what they sell; they believe in the product because of the results it produced for their weight loss, lean mass gains or cleanses.

Browse our website to find the supporting testimonials from our many associates, several of whom had no sales experience at all before joining the Isagenix network. Also, check out our client testimonials from people who are just trying to lose some pounds to those who are full-fledged athletes trying to raise the bar when it comes to their performance and endurance.

To learn more about the unvarnished, unadulterated and unfabricated story behind the Isagenix marketing network, download this flyer.

We stand behind our word and our product

As mentioned, skepticism is a commodity itself in today’s world. In fact, some of the most longstanding, popular products attract negative reviews and clusters of detractors. At Isagenix, however, we have proven through our clientele that when used as directed and in concert with a healthy, active lifestyle, Isagenix works. Even so, whenever any of our clients feels that their first Isagenix order has let them down within the 30 days after purchase, we offer a money-back guarantee.

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For studies into how Isagenix works:
1. Results from a college study in U.S.A.
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Top 10 Isagenix health stories from 2014

Keeping it straight as a client or associate

When looking for Isagenix products, blogs and diet programs online, be sure to use the accurate spelling, for as we noted, there are a lot of imposters and less than honest marketers in the industry.


Enter Isagenix (not Isogenix or Isogenics) in the search-engine field.

Also do your homework on our products. You will find we are not a fly-by-night, not a scam or scheme, but an enthusiastically genuine community of active, health-minded individuals who are willing to share the source of their success with others.

Coffee During a Cleanse or Maintenance Plan? The Answer is a Mixed Bag

Though some daily habits can be acceptable during your 30-Day Isagenix Cleanse, there are some that mixes like the anecdotal oil and water. Coffee is one of those bad brews when it comes to cleansing.

Isagenix strongly discourages the consumption of coffee during your cleanse days. Our deepest sympathies go out to our caffeine-crazy cleansers, but cleansing and weight loss will proceed much more effectively without the java.

However, coffee consumption is okay if you are integrating Isagenix with a maintenance program. It is best, though, to eschew sugary lattes, mochas and the like. Regardless, always read the label on your bag of beans or grounds to make sure some of the harmful toxins and chemicals that you are trying to avoid in your Isagenix regimen are not present.


We aren’t forgetting cleansing coffee lovers altogether, though. As a substitute for your espresso, latte, or drip, try our naturally sourced caffeine fixes: Isagenix yerba mate tea—in the form of Isagenix E-Shots—or for something that still energizes, our herbal tea. Both incorporate energy bursts provided solely by Mother Nature.

Are you just too Pavlovian when it comes to inhaling the essence of steeping coffee? Well, Isagenix is not throwing you out with the grounds in this regard either. Our good news is the recent announcement of a new product release: Isagenix premium coffees. A blend founded on only organic ingredients and fair-trade beans, our coffees will launch your day in the healthiest of ways. Stay tuned to distribution developments, however, as Isagenix coffee is still not available in Australia or New Zealand.

coffee plan

Clearing the Clouds Around Metabolism

In most aspects, health is not a cloudy concept. If you feel good, if you see a lean body and natural-looking skin when in front of the mirror, and if you know that your sense of fatigue was only from staying up later than usual the previous night, then you are pretty darned sure you are on the right rack with your physical health. You are also inclined to believe your regular routines—including exercise, rest and diet—are working in your health’s favor.

But, that which keeps you on your healthy path is not always so visible. You have a friend named metabolism who evidently doesn’t like mirrors, because you can’t see your buddy.

If you pay close enough attention, however, metabolism can be detected. Excessively dry skin can mean your metabolism is too low, as long as you are certain you have no ailments that cause dry skin. Again, free of other factors, not sweating very often—even when taxing your muscles— may also indicate a low metabolism. Weight gain, when not caused by muscle development, can also mean your metabolism is too low.

If you incorporate a workout into your daily routine and just before heading to the gym you start sweating when moving your office monitor to another desk, then your metabolism may be high and, therefore, at its correct level. It surfaces because your body thinks it is workout time. If your sweat starts to dissipate a little after moving three or four monitors, that is a good sign in terms of metabolism and your workouts. It can mean your metabolism is in tune and your workouts are apexing toward your ultimate physical condition.

That said, nervousness, inability to gain weight, no matter how much or what you eat, and feeling warm to the point of frequently sweating can also indicate a high metabolism. High metabolisms must be managed as much as a low one. When it is high, your body is needing hydration because it is constantly firing up, ready to go. It needs cooling. One should feed the beast its water.

Can a metabolism be increased? Yes and no.

Your metabolic rate can be increased, but only if you maintain a nutritious diet (including sufficient hydration), consistent routines, such as exercise, and sufficient rest. Your body’s metabolism conforms to your routine, as in the example of moving office equipment at a time when you usually work out.

However, your metabolism can be slightly reluctant to rise. Some people’s metabolisms are genetically influenced, but not enough to effectively avoid adjustment. Metabolism can flex in accordance to diet, activity level, stress, genetics, and illness. After all, metabolism is only a chemical process that breaks down proteins, fats and carbs in accordance to the level of energy your body requires—even while sleeping.

Looking for some tips on keeping your metabolism at a proper and healthy level? Try these.

Frequency over filling when eating. Try to eat several smaller meals throughout your day, rather than a couple mondo meals that deceive your body into thinking that because it is the only meal it sees, it needs to store an excess of fat from it.

Muscle gain. Do this with heavy lifting, as you would in a gym. Accompany it with ample caloric intake, because with each ounce of muscle gain, your body burns a corresponding amount of calories. And, the calories must exist in order to be burned. In this vein, when working out intensively, keep some calorie and nutrition refills handy, as in Isagenix snacks and meals—before, during and after such workouts. It goes without mention to hydrate frequently during workouts.

Don’t scrimp on sleep. Insufficient sleep can decrease the calories your body burns during your state of rest. Cortisol, a stress hormone, increases during periods of inadequate sleep and pesters your testosterone levels enough to lower your metabolism.

Power up on protein. Protein triggers a hormone called glucagon, which prompts fat cells to release their benefits into your blood stream. Again, keeping your protein intake on schedule, as in toting portable Isagenix concentrates and snacks with you during active periods of the day, helps hike your metabolic rate. When a higher proportion of protein comes from calories rather than fats and carbs, a higher metabolism is achieved.

Go green, as in tea. Green tea is actually included in the ingredients of several Isagenix products. This is because it contains a chemical called EGCC which slightly affects metabolism and because it contains a metabolism stimulant, caffeine.

Be a bit fidgety. In other words, don’t hesitate to move around and keep the body active. Our monitors, handhelds, escalators and elevators keep us much less physically active than our ancient and even not-so-ancient ancestors. If you don’t work at a station that requires you to stand up from time to time, make an effort to do so. Visit another’s work station to communicate, rather than sending an email. Use the steps instead of the elevator. Volunteer to clean the break room or watering office plants. You can be productive while being mobile at the office.

Don’t be a thermo-freak. Heating and air conditioning are unlikely culprits, but believe it or not, they can contribute to lowering your metabolism. This is because keeping your body warm or cool is really the function of our inherent body structures. Keep the AC thermostat in the high 70s or even 80 Fahrenheit for triggering; try setting your heat thermostat around 68 or even slightly cooler during winter. If it feels a bit too warm or too cool, don’t fret—your body will adjust to the benefit of your metabolism.

The better you get to know your invisible pal, metabolism, the more likely you can cajole it to work to your benefit.










The Benefits of a Cleanse and Incorporated Routines

As a health conscious person, you have undoubtedly seen debates back and forth on the value of body cleansing. They flourish on various health and medical websites, not to mention periodicals and in newspapers.

A lot is credited to cleansing and, indeed, a lot of these accolades for cleanses don’t exactly hold veracity under the microscope of sound science.

It is paramount to remember that no matter the health routine, nothing is gained in the long-term unless it is repeated on a scheduled, disciplined basis. Thus the word, “routine.”

This especially applies to cleanses. They do little good if you do them only when you feel the impulse or once every year or two. Cleanses are a discipline in themselves. This is why the body should be treated to one on a weekly or monthly basis. Part of the beneficial rewards of cleansing is its reinforcement of not only flushing the body of impurities, but of maintaining vigilance about what you are putting inside your body between cleanses. The latter is the most critical part for the obvious reason that nearly 90 percent of your food consumption occurs outside of cleanse days, even if you cleanse once a week.

Because of the importance of routines, Isagenix employs easily prepared and consumed products, with tastiness to boot, to replenish the loss of water, electrolytes and carbohydrates during cleanses and any physical routine you implement toward muscle mass or weight loss. The easier it is to replenish the basic nutrients your body needs to benefit from cleanses and physical regimens, the more likely you are to sustain a routine, one that lasts longer than a week, month or even a year.

During a cleanse, the body is given a chance to do its daily work without the addition of free radicals or toxins that result from most foods on the market—but for a period of 24 hours only. The body will be back at its uphill cleansing once you resume your daily dietary habits and occasional backslides.

In all, the greater balance of your cleansing will be accomplished not within a 24-hour period, but by maintaining a mindful diet and exercise routine, minimizing said toxins.

Given the importance of a long-term commitment to minimizing your system’s impure invasions, there are real benefits to the daily cleanse that crucially complement your long-range weight or lean retention goals:

An energy boost. Once toxins are flushed from the body, your energy level reaches its natural high, as long as you are replenishing the carbs, electrolytes and proteins your body needs during your cleanse. Isagenix uses naturally sourced proteins in its snacks and meals to make sure you are replenishing sufficiently during cleanses. Try to break from the cleanse three times during the day to replenish these vital nutrients. And, beyond replenishing with such nutrients, be sure to hydrate often while cleansing, a major component of increasing your energy level.

Expunges excess waste. Of course, the main thrust of a cleanse is to detoxify or rid the excess waste your body has stored. The liver, kidneys and colon are crucial players in this detoxification. A backed up colon can lead to reintroduction of impurities into your body, rather than their exit. This is why soluble and natural fibers, such as those included in Isagenix packs for weight-loss and performance, are important to include in your daily diet, regardless of cleanse days. Remember that most of today’s diseases come as a result of digestive tract waste that is not expunged from the body by the colon, liver or kidney.

Helps lose weight. Again, because a cleanse is a scheduled routine, it reinforces your other routines, such as healthy eating and exercise. One routine perpetuates the other. Without the routine of a cleanse, healthy diet or exercise regimen, your weight loss will prove ephemeral, as some cleanse critics point out. Replace bad foods with good foods when not cleansing. Just as you focus on scheduling your cleanse days once a week, twice a month or just monthly, focus on incorporating healthy foods and snacks into your eating routine on the non-cleanse days.

Strengthens your immune system. Once you have allowed your body to do its job on a level playing field—free of a lot of the body’s impurities as a result of cleansing and proper diet—it is able to absorb nutrients better and function as it should. Instead of an uphill battle, it can coast downhill as long as you are ingesting a minimum of impure foods and maintaining your cleanse schedule.

Healthier skin. Skin can be looked at as our body’s canary in the coalmine. It tells us a lot about what is happening inside the body, whether it is stress or something potentially terminal, such as cancer. It can tell us whether some internal organs are not up to snuff functionally. Of course, it also reflects our general appearance. Skin is the body’s most ubiquitous organ, easily visible and easily monitored. Vitamin C is a major component of healthy skin and is just as important during or after a cleanse as part of your replenishment process.

Improved sleep. Cleanses allow the body a break from the toxins ingested on a daily basis, sometimes by foods treated with pesticides, filled with processed sugars, synthetic chemicals and other elements impossible for the body to break down and expunge on a normal basis. Our body loses its balance when such impurities are not expelled. This in turn affects how we sleep. Insomnia and other impediments are often traced to what is left inside our body that does not belong there. By removing and minimizing these toxins with cleanses and a healthy regimen of diet and exercise, our body is given the break it needs to provide us with a sound, healthy sleep, which also aids in stress reduction.

These are just a handful of the benefits achieved via regularly scheduled cleanses. But, none are fully realized unless you are committed to your peripheral routines in diet, exercise and lifestyle. Set your goals and stay focused on them, as well as your cleanses. The rest should fall into place without having to resort to a crash diet, crash fitness routine or crash cleanse, neither of which will produce a lasting effect.