30-Day Money Back Guarantee: Singapore

Isagenix Singapore knows how important your fitness and weight-loss goals are to you, because you would not be buying our products without being sincerely committed to your physical and dietary regimen. This is why we offer a 30-day, money back guarantee on your first order of Isagenix products.

That’s right, if an Isagenix Singapore product does not help you meet your health and weight management goals, you can apply for an Isagenix refund within 30 days of your purchase from Isagenix International.

We at Isagenix are confident about the value and effectiveness of our products in supporting your active, healthy, goal-oriented lifestyle.

This money back guarantee applies only to your first Isagenix order on any consumable item you are trying for the first time. (Shipping, handling and membership fees are not included.)

Our guarantee will cover your first product purchase if:

–You are not pleased with its results

–You don’t like the taste

–Your general practitioner advises that the product does not conform to a pre-existing medical condition

–Practically any other reason!

Isagenix follows a strict quality control process that incorporates the input and feedback from a team of health and fitness experts. While clients continuously demonstrate the positive results of Isagenix products across the globe, we want to be sure that every customer receives the best product for achieving their goals, whether the focus is on weight management or fitness.

When it comes to nutrition and your physical goals, we at Isagenix do not want your vital dietary efforts to be expended in vein. We are confident about the results our products bring, so we want you to get off on the right foot when it comes to integrating our products into your health routine. We do this with the knowledge that only a small percentage of our customers apply for a refund, but each and every one of them has received a refund within the 30-day requirement.

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